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NBPAC is the connected PAC of the National Biodiesel Board and is dedicated to electing and supporting political leaders around the country who understand the vital role of biodiesel in the nation’s energy policy.  All members of the National Biodiesel Board are eligible to become members of NBPAC.

Biodiesel is America’s Advanced Biofuel, the only fuel commercially available today that meets this Environmental Protection Agency definition.  Although the US biodiesel industry is still maturing, our reliance on public policy to allow this industry to continue to grow is extremely evident.  The cornerstone of our industry, the Renewable Fuel Standard, creates a floor of demand for our product on an annual basis.  Needless to say, having champions in the US House and Senate are critical to ongoing success in federal policy.

Harry Simpson, Chair


The purpose of the PAC is to support and encourage the election of persons who understand and support the domestic biodiesel industry and to engage in political activities permitted by the federal election laws, Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations, and relevant state law. To achieve this purpose, the PAC's Executive Committee is empowered , subject to applicable federal law, to solicit and accept voluntary contributions from eligible contributors, to expend such contributions to further the nomination and election of candidates for federal elective public office whose views, voting records, or issue positions are supportive of the domestic biodiesel industry and to do such other things as may be necessary or desirable for the attainment of this purpose.
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